Jesus said in John 4:24

They who worship God must worship him in spirit and truth.
If what you believe is not
You are not worshipping
the true God!

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Who was the true author of
First and Second Nephi in
the Book of Mormon?

This  book compares Bible history and the Book of Mormon alleged history and reveals that not one of the 22 listed authors recorded in
the Book of Mormon ever truly existed!

Bible history proves that Nephi could not have existed in Jerusalem when the Book of Mormon (First Nephi 1:4) claims!

The story in the Book of Mormon
depends upon Nephi's existence since he claimed to
be the author of First and Second Nephi!

 Here is proof
that the original foundation
of the Mormon Church
 is only a fairy-tale. 
This book directs readers back to the true message from God,
 the Holy Bible. 
It also explains why the Bible can be trusted and how to find forgiveness of sins through the grace of Jesus Christ. 

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The website would have been called
'God's Great Revelation',
but the web address had to be all small letters and I refuse to make it g od's with a small g.  The word gods in the Bible refers to idols of man's invention.
God is not an idol!  He is real and the only true God that actually exists or ever has existed.  All g ods are nothing more than carved rocks or sticks.